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The Only Cleaner You'll Ever Need!

Use salt, water & electricity to make your own multi-purpose cleaner

The H2O e3™ Natural Cleaning System

  • Effective
    Makes a powerful multi-purpose cleaner and deodoriser
  • Economical
    Costs pennies to make
  • Eco-Safe
    Safe for the planet as well as your family
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Cleaning Made Easy

The H2O e3™ eActivator emits low levels of electricity, breaking apart water and salt molecules to form two new powerful oxidants. One is a powerful cleaner that cuts through grease and grime; the other is a powerful deodoriser and cleaner!

  • Simply fill the eActivator with water

    The resusable activator lets you say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles and harmful chemicals.

  • Add a little salt from your kitchen

    Just the essentials and all natural.
    No bleach, hydrogen peroxide, preservatives, surfactants, fragrances, phthalates, alcohol, quats or dyes.

  • Shake and press the button

    Watch the science in action as the eActivator emits low levels of electricity that converts water into an all-natural multi-purpose cleaner and deodorizer that is as effective as the leading brands.

Clean Virtually Every Surface in Your Home!

Use the H2O e3™ on sealed wood, laminate, glass, stainless steel, chrome and more. As a handheld spray cleaner it works on countertops, windows, bathroom tiles, porcelain, stainless steel sinks, or connect to the eMop to clean and refresh hard floor surfaces.

Sealed Wood

Granite & Slate



Vinyl & Plastic


Glass & Mirrors

Stainless Steel & Chrome

Perfect for your home – top to bottom!

Efficacy varies according to treatment time and surface treated. We suggest always testing in an inconspicuous spot to confirm colorfastness.

Your Pocket-Friendly Cleaning Solution
Ready in just under a penny per bottle!

Our cleaner is easy on your wallet and the environment. Enjoy big savings per ounce compared to top brands, without sacrificing cleanliness or eco-friendliness.

All purpose cleaner

All purpose cleaner

Neutralise odours

Neutralise odours

Child & pet safe

Child & pet safe



Laboratory proven

Laboratory proven

UK Customer Reviews

Join the award-winning H2O™ family

Product of the Year:
Health & Hygiene

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Winner Natural Cleaning System Category, USA. Survey of 40,000 people by Kantar TNS

Over 14 Million
Cleaners Sold

With over 14 million H2O® cleaners sold in over 80 countries across the globe, the H2O e3™ is the perfect way to join the H2O® family

Why choose H2O e3™?


  • Clean virtually any surface
  • Laboratory proven to clean as well as leading brands.
  • Breaks down & neutralises odours in seconds.


  • Replace dozens of harsh, chemical cleaners.
  • Generate a powerful cleaner for just pennies.
  • Save hundreds of pounds each year.


  • Safe for your family, pets and environment.
  • No harmful fumes, harsh chemicals, irritants or dyes.
  • Reduces chemical and plastic waste.

Innovative Features

eActivator Generator

The heart of the H2O e3™ system uses low voltage electrical current to electrolyze water and salt into the S-Water cleaning solution.

Improved Connectivity

We've made it easier to go from eSprayer to eMop with new and improved connectivity.


The perfect cleaning tool for all the hard to clean places in your home.

Ergonomic Handle and Trigger

Comfortably spray powerful S-Water and manoeuvre the mop where you need it most.

Dual Function Mop Head

Coral finger side lifts & locks in dirt. Whilst the Microfibre side dries & polishes.

Variable Spray Jet Nozzle

Applies just the right amount of powerful S-Water directly on the mess.


Excellent for cleaning all the hard surfaces in your home.


Perfect for soap scum or cleaning windows to a streak-free shine.

2 x Mini eSprayers

Excellent for cleaning all the hard surfaces in your home.

"On-The-Go" Cleaning

“On-the-go” size eSprayer for the office, hotel, restaurants or anywhere you need the quick cleaning and deodorising power of S-Water.